Easy Easter Basket

Looking for Easter basket goodies? We’re here to help!
First Things First
1. Easter Outfit
What's a holiday without the perfect outfit? Our friends at Domax Kids have a customizable Easter tee that pairs great with our dusty purple jogger shorts (available Thursday March 31st). Enjoy 15% off your tee with code DOMAX.
2. Personalized Easter Egg Paint Kit
A quick and easy DIY paint kit to keep your little entertained. Enjoy 10% off with code FAV10.

3. All Natural Bath Bomb Bunnies
I don't know about you, but bath bombs are a huge hit in our house. Enjoy 10% off this 6 pack with code FAVORITE10.
4. Cute Book
I found this book I'm (Almost) Always Kind from Mamma Filz Blog and I love it! It's from overseas and has free shipping but does take about 8-13 business days to receive so I would order soon.
5. Easter Play Dough Sensory Kit
Reece loves these! It includes play dough, glitter, and little accessories to play with. Enjoy 10% off with code SAVE10 (expires March 31st).
6. Personalized Basket Name Tag
Buy this once and use every year! There are a few different designs to choose from. Enjoy 10% with code MEANDREEKIE.
7. Bubbles
These are from Target and it's a big bottle for only $1. No brainer!
8. Custom Letter Crayons
You can personalize with your child's name or choose easter theme words like "HOP" or "BUNNY". Enjoy $2 off with code FAVORITE2.

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